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It's Coming To Rome: Let's Not Act Surprised Italy Won, The English Soccer National Team Is The Most Overrated Team That Always Fails

Are we really going to sit here and act surprised that England didn't win a major tournament? Just because they had a bunch of home matches. Just because they caught every single break, it doesn't matter. It's still England. They haven't won shit since 1966 and it's because they are the biggest failure in sports and it's not that close. They had the lead 2 minutes into this match from a guy who quite simply doesn't even shoot the ball. What did they do? They sat back and tried to win 1-0 instead of stepping on Italy's throats. Blame yourselves for the loss and credit Italy for the win. Speaking of things like that.

Penalty kicks. They are awesome. It's such a bizarre way to end major games, but the pressure is fucking unbelievable. Imagine the NCAA Tournament ending on a 1v1 best of 5. That's not the best way to describe how PK's are since goalies are at such a disadvantage but it doesn't matter. Donnarumma showed up when he had to and made saves with the help of the post after being down 2-1 after 2 rounds.

Speaking of showing up, what a game from fans on both sides. Wembley was - and I don't want to overuse this term - bananas. 

There's no doubt that Italy was the best team in this tournament. Everyone questioned if they could survive with guys like Chiellini still running around at center back. He was legit awesome tonight. They questioned scoring and if Italy would be able to find ways to find the back of the net. No problem. They kept finding ways to win, including tonight. Like I said, England scored 2 minutes into the place at home. 

Italy was forced to play offense and they were the better squad for this match. You can't even argue it. Yeah, penalty kicks is so goddamn weird to end ways, but they found a way to win that trailing 2-1. And all that it's coming home talk? Come on. You guys are England. You don't win. It's like Indiana screaming about winning the NCAA Tournament every year because they think they invented the game. It just doesn't happen. Our parents barely remember when that shit happened. 

I am nervous for Troopz man. 

What a tournament. Start to finish, the goals, extra time, the matches. That was a hell of a tournament on a year delay. But as always, it ends with England losing. I don't hate that. English fans can say what they want, it's still been 1966.