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England Fans Got Ready For The Euro Finals The Only Way They Know How - Partying All Night And Setting Off Fireworks Outside Italy's Hotel At 2am

Lord almighty this has me ready to do two things - drink and beg to everything holy that US men's soccer ends up being good. I'm not typically a fan of being around this many people but when you're trying to win a title you gotta suck it up for your country. But this? This is just what England does. Drinking all night, lining up at 5am at the bars. I just assume that's a regular ass weekend day. Then there's the fireworks outside the team hotel. A staple in the soccer world, but Italy was a step ahead, they stayed in a hotel with soundproof rooms. Genius. They knew the English fans would try and pull some shit - these are the same people who shined a laser in Denmark's goalie's face during a PK. 

And you know what? I hope all these people are miserable today. I'm holding an Italian future and always cheer for the Italians so, yeah, sorry Troopz and Jeff D Lowe and everyone else cheering for England. Call me an asshole or whatever, but I want to see tears in the crowd. I want to see the Italians belting out all their songs after winning and rubbing it in England's face. 

That said, I'm so fucking jealous man. Look at the entire country show up to go crazy for one team. I want the 2026 World Cup to look like this in the US. Give us one run. Give me the chance to try and line up at a bar at 5am in hopes of getting the right spot for TV viewing. I won't set off fireworks because I'm old, but I'd encourage it. This match is going to be awesome.