Addison Rae Was Apparently Fired From UFC Because Of Journalist Twerps

What is wrong with the UFC and these loser journalists? Why do Journalists think their job is so important, again you're readin a history minors blog right now, so it’s obvious random people can do it. She just sat there did what she was told and made a joke about it online. And if she did this as a joke because I can't see Dana white doing this because he actually isn't a moron, good for her because that'll get the nerds riled up. We need to put a course in college that shows you how to have common sense and show you that you're not that important. Listen I'm not important at all if we all lived life knowing we aren't all that special we would get along. No matter if this is a joke or not it started out as real beef from reporters, but Addison is the one who comes out of this as the clear winner. Someone will have her on a broadcast in a week and she will bring her 82 millions followers with her. Moral of the story is just don't be a fuckin twerp.