The Pinnacle

I started my Twitter journey just shy of two years ago and now I get to announce that I am a proud employee of Barstool sports. How fucking cool. 

A bit about me before I launch you into the fast lane that has been my life since November 2019.

My name is Megan Nunez. I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi just 30 minutes from New Orleans. I was raised on the bayou, around all boys and I was the youngest. That’s me telling y’all I like competition and have thick skin. I would tell you where I went to college for 3 months but would hate to steal Brandon Walkers thunder. After my short lived college life I met my husband at just 19 and we now have two kids (shout out Madden and Claire)

How did I start betting on sports? 

 I’ve been a sports fan all my life. I played anything I could get my hands on and would scream at any game with my Dad and Grandpa. With them I was watching the Saints, LSU and the New Orleans Hornets(yes that was a real team). My love of sports only progressed as I aged but loving sports just was not enough for me. There was an element missing and I found that missing link through my husband’s hobby of betting. I mentioned earlier I was born to be competitive so obviously I asked my husband to teach me his betting ways. He did with no hesitation because he assumed it would be a passing thought or fad for me. This is where he was extremely wrong. 

Where things got serious…

 The true journey really started with a friendly bet between my husband and myself 2 seasons ago. He bet the 49ers and I bet the Seahawks as I told him Russ would ball out. I won the bet. He then posted on Reddit that I was becoming better than him at picking games, so another reddit guy said post her picks in the sportsbook thread and they will surely go cold. So, my husband put out my plays as “my wife’s picks”. I ended up going on a 15-0 NFL run and grew a small following. 

This small following kept telling me to start a Twitter to continue putting out my picks. They also wanted to see if I in fact was a real-life woman. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if putting myself out there was really something I wanted to do… I mean I had spent the last 7 years around small children, could I even remember how to speak to adults? 

Fast forward to November 2019, I had been listening to a lot of Megan Thee Stallion. Who wasn’t? Her body is art. Her creativity is limitless. Her lyrics are inspiring to the independent grown women all over the world. In that moment she spoke to me, she said, “bitch it’s money makin’ megan hoe get like me,” suddenly I was filled with confidence and like the big bang, MeganMakinMoney was born.  

I will be the first to admit gambling is HARD and I lose a lot, so don’t take the makin’ money to heart. This is just something I love to do and love to share with others. I will also say on that same note, I already beat Jeff Nadu last season in a CBB handicapping contest that netted me 10k. *suck it*  …..wait does that mean I’m a Ryder? 

Anyway, so like a bird from the nest I flew. Posting my plays, funny content and the occasional semi thirst trap… and as I flew the followers grew. I worked with a few other sports books along the way but with every job interview I was asked, “what is your end game for yourself with all of this?” I didn’t have an answer for the longest time, because the one answer I had in the back of my mind was Barstool (the pinnacle) and I honestly didn’t think it was attainable. Today I’m here to say that the pinnacle is in fact attainable, and I am beyond STOKED to be apart of this amazing company led by a bad ass woman CEO and a President that FUCKS.   


**Also don’t forget about my first boost with the Barstool Sportsbook!! Gallo to win HR Derby boosted to +550!! You won’t find those odds on Gallo anywhere else!!**