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Fan At The Scottish Open Casually Walks Onto The 10th Teebox And Plucks A Club Out Of Rory's Bag

How about the nuts on this guy? Just a casual strut onto the 10th tee and why yes sir, I’m glad you asked. I’ll be hitting 4 iron.

I’m a massive proponent of “act like you belong and you can do anything”. I’ve sat in countless front row seats that weren’t mine, snuck into numerous luxury boxes, you name it, simply by acting like I’m supposed to be there. Avoid eye contact, look confident, and you’re golden. This guy was *this* close to being in the clear. Nailed the stroll, didn't sprint up there and make a big fuss... he was almost home free. If he doesn't have the hiccup with the first pull of the driver, the lad just might be playing the back 9 with Rors and Rahmbo.

On the other hand, Rory's caddie needs to be fired into the sun. There are a handful of responsibilities that a bagman holds, and rule #1 is protect the bag. Whether it's from verbal assaults, cameramen, or the bag itself, you are the first line of defense as a looper. That display right there is the poorest bag D imaginable. Say what you will about Kessler Karain (Patrick Reed's caddie), but this would never happen on his watch. Maybe that's why Reed wiped the floor with Rors back at Hazeltine. This stuff matters. I know Harry Diamond is one of Rory's best childhood friends, but ya gotta think about making a change there. Horrific look.

Lastly, I think this guy just had the itch to get out there for a little weekend 18. Who could blame him? For me, there's no better place to book a tee time than the Barstool Golftime app. Countless tee times at affordable rates. Ya can't beat it. Ya just can't.