"Dave" Season 2 Turned The Corner This Week

Last season, the show "Dave" came out the gates like a bat out of hell. It took the entire world by storm. We were locked down. On a new television famine, fresh out of everything, when "Dave" appeared out of nowhere. Like a Godsend. 

People that had never heard of Lil Dicky in their lives were converted into superfans of his. And all for good reason. Wire to wire it was one of the best seasons of television I can ever remember viewing.

Watching it during quarantine I remember thinking it was too good to be true and waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole time. 

But it never happened. In fact, the finale was arguably the best episode of the entire season. 

I still laugh my fucking ass off just thinking about how this episode opened up with this song and being so confused, asking my fiance if we skipped an episode or if it started in the middle of one or something. Then just crying laughing for what seemed like 5 minutes long like a lunatic.

There's been several scenes this year where you can tell they're swinging for another "Somebody Suck Me" moment but it just hasn't quite gotten there. 

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I understand that good television can't be all unicorns and rainbows all the time otherwise it's not good television for long. Writers have to keep shit interesting, especially today with people's nano-second attention spans. So creating conflict, and hurdles (plenty of them) for Lil Dicky was the logical, million-dollar idea. 

But here's the good news, like the impatient asshole that I am, we're only at the halfway point of Season 2. Five episodes in. And last nights 6th was fucking great. There's still plenty of time to bring it home on a high note, and it looks like the storyline is going to do just that as Dicky has turned the corner and got his ass back in the dating game. (With none other than this chick ** SPOILER ALERT**) And who knows, once season 2 wraps up, maybe in hindsight the first 5 episodes will seem funnier. 

But knowing Dicky, and the way he's basically "Nostradamus'd" his whole life, we could be in for some real fucking tears with things looking to be going down this road…

(warning- if you've lost a love, this video is sad as absolute fuck)

p.s.- this "Dave" Lil Dicky mix by my guy Danny Diggz does not suck. If you're a fan it's definitely up your alley.


The DAVE Mixtape (Season 1 Recap)

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