Slam Diego Doesn't Stop: Daniel Camarena, A Reliever Called Up From AAA, Just Launched a Grand Slam Off MAX SCHERZER

Seriously, what in the world just happened? Full disclosure, I had the game on mute on my 2nd TV while the NBA Finals are going on and I thought for sure that was a pinch hitter for Darvish or something. Nope, that's your mop up reliever recently called up from AAA who happens to be a San Diego native. Grand slam off MAX SCHERZER for your first career hit, no biggie. Honestly wasn't even a bad pitch, 96 down in the zone and Camarena golfs that sucker out like it's nobodies business. Baseball really does bring out the impossible when you least expect it, huh? Put that in a movie script and you instantly become irate with how unrealistic that is to happen. That call from Don Orsillo was as awesome as you expect from the legend. How in the world did Boston let him go? Dude was born to call incredible moments in baseball. 

Also the shot of Camarena's brother in the stands losing his fucking mind. 

They interviewed him after and he mentioned how their dad passed away in 2019 and that this was all for him. What a crazy surreal moment. Darvish vs. Scherzer supposed to be one of the better pitcher duels all year and it's 8-7 in the 4th.  That's baseball, Suzyn.

P.S. This guy for sure blacked out in the moment

P.P.S. The Spanish call was fantastic