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Today In NYC: We Have People Wading Through Waist-High Garbage Water In The Subway To Get To Their Train

Excuse me guys, I just need to handle something real quick.

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What the fuck, New York? Being able to get anywhere in the city for the low low price of $2.75 is one of the bonuses of living in this sprawling metropolis, even though having to deal with the disgusting labyrinth of hell known as the New York City Subway System is a hell of a trade off. But there isn't a number in the Uber surge pricing could hit that I wouldn't pay over wading through a river of filth, garbage, and pests where angry sewer rats are the one known evil you will have to deal with along with the unknown evils, not to mention whatever human excrement that has been washed up.

Excuse me one more time guys…

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Actually you know what? I'm gonna change my tune on this. It's nice to see that a year after being the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic, New Yorkers aren't afraid to dive into a river of unfathomable disgustingness that will probably give birth to the next great plague. Anybody filmed in these videos should still be forced to quarantine until at least Labor Day Weekend. However, I #RE2PECT anybody ready to risk walking through an underground river that could definitely lead to the origin story of how a supervillain got its powers all in the name of saving a few bucks to get to their destination during a monsoon by navigating the worst place on Earth.