Clash of Clans Leaders Were Always The Biggest Hardos Imaginable

I have never seen an impersonation so spot on in my life.

POV: It's 2013 - 2014 + you and the boys are trying to get into a clan to start some Clan Wars. Inevitably you find a clan whose minimum trophies are right under your current rank. You rejoice and immediately text the boys to join "Wizards R Us" Clan. 

You join the clan, have your boys hop in and then you dread the next step: interacting with the leader. He gives you the ground rules for the clan - "You have to donate 50 times per week, inform us of your schedule the next 3 months and Paypal your clan dues every second Tuesday of the Month."

The leader was always some mega-nerd who spent thousands on the game to gem rush his Town Hall and upgrades to the max level. They always had real life army experience, but could never get into the specifics. If you dared drop a dragon or wizard in the wrong spot during a Clan War, you'd be suspended from the next war. AND GOD FORBID you forgot to use your attacks in a Clan War, you might as well say goodbye to the clan as you know it. There's no coming back.

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