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A Sequel To 'The Tomorrow War' Is In The Works For Some Reason

The Tomorrow War is living to fight another day. The sci-fi time travel film starring Chris Pratt already has a sequel in the works, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Director Chris McKay is expected to return, along with screenwriter Zach Dean and much of the original cast, which in addition to Pratt included Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin and Sam Richardson. Skydance and Amazon are behind the project.

ICYMI, here is my review of THE TOMORROW WAR:

TLDR: I think it was very dumb movie, but extremely entertaining (like the title of that blog suggests). 

One thing I really liked about. it was the standalone nature of the movie. An original IP that wasn't a remake, sequel, reboot or whatever. Just a dumb IP that was badass and funny. Do I think anything about this movie demanded a sequel? Well.....no. Not at all. 

The time travel mechanism of this movie was so full of plotholes and issues that I think *most* audience members were willing to forgive in this singular instance. That said, how do you advance this story without attempting to patch those holes? Without diving deeper into the lore and losing that suspension of disbelief? I don't see the path forward, but thats not for me to find out. Amazon likes money, and this sequel will presumably earn them a lot of that since it will likely be released in theaters. 

By the way, my biggest fear isn't how they redo the time travel aspect. It's that they will go after the aliens. Maybe they will have the Alien overlords of the white spikes show up and try to take over earth by themselves a la Thanos "Fine, I'll do it myself'.