Europeans Are Mad the MLS Is Fun After Seeing Nashville SC's Soccer Moses Shred a Guitar Solo During a Match

As someone who's gotten big into soccer over the last year or so, I had paid attention mostly to just Europe. Premier League, Champions League and now international soccer with the Euros. But I haven't really paid any attention to the MLS, because even as it's growing in the U.S., it still doesn't get the media coverage and attention those European leagues do.

Then I saw this video the other day of a guy apparently known as Soccer Moses shredding a guitar solo at a Nashville SC game and immediately texted my friends that we need to be at Nissan Stadium Thursday night when Atlanta United comes to town. This looks like a blast.

I enjoyed it even more after reading through the quote tweets and finding out that people having fun at soccer matches is apparently against the rules in Europe and they don't like it. So now I think I'm going all in on the MLS.

Soccer hardos don't want anybody to have any fun. Apparently only they can enjoy the game the way they see fit and you can either get in line or get out.

I actually see many similarities between what teams like Nashville SC and Austin FC are building in the MLS and what the Nashville Predators did in the NHL, piling a bunch of drunk Southerners in a hockey arena and having them go apeshit like they were at a college football game — much to the chagrin of hockey purists. And now Nashville has one of the best, if not the best home ice advantage in the NHL.

So I'm headed downtown tonight to check out what looks like an awesome atmosphere for some soccer. The European haters can suck a fat one.

Also, Soccer Moses seems like an awesome dude. We need more fans like this in American soccer.