Nobody Loves England Soccer More Than This Big Shirtless Dude Who Took A Fall With His Ass Hanging Out But Still Kept On Partying

The Three Lions tattoo on the back, the ass hanging out, the refusal to stop chanting and clapping. This. This is the video they need to show from here on out when they talk about dedication. No one has ever shown playing through injury more than this big fella right here. For some that fall would end their day. Not this man. He's going to adapt and keep on cheering on his lads. Not only that but everyone around him wasn't going to stop either. This is just another example of why I'll never, ever stop talking about the craziness of international soccer. Just a standard Wednesday night for the fella who is only focused on the task at hand. Cheering on England. When England screams about 'it's coming home' this is who they are talking about. This is who they are in extra time fighting Denmark for. Not the rich people, or my random guy wearing a suit next to the star of this show, it's for the guy with the Three Lions tattoo on his back risking injury to keep on clapping. Good for you my guy. 

PS: T's and P's for Troopz who is there