Federer Crashes Out of Wimbledon, Losing in Straight Sets To Hubert Hurkacz In The Quarterfinals

Mike Hewitt. Getty Images.

Alright that didn't go well… at all. Probably one of the worst matches Federer has ever played at Wimbledon, getting taken out in straights and a bagel in the 3rd as the real kick in the dick. I believe that's the first bagel in his Wimbledon career and only the 2nd on a grass court. Fucking brutal. Complete understatement to say I'm sad. Fed was up a break in the 2nd and gave it away with a gift of a service game to Hurkacz. That 2nd set tiebreak was atrocious from Roger as well. Under no circumstances should he have lost that set. His serve was far from on all match and Hurkacz took advantage the whole way. Credit to Hubert, he played as well and solid as you can play on this stage, going up against his idol on Centre Court. 

Federer just wasn't his normal self. He came into this one with legitimate confidence, but you know what? When you're a month shy of turning 40 stuff like this happens. 

Credit to Roger for even making it this far coming off double knee surgery. Some didn't think he could win a single match here. No one is here for moral victories, but for the knee to hold up through this many matches? That's a good sign at least. The bad sign is that 3rd set where he looked like a statue and had almost nothing left in the tank. Big yikes. 

Well, fuck after the Norrie win I tricked myself into thinking there was a real shot of him getting to the final. Was he going to win there? Almost definitely not, but maybe this is a better way to lose than getting destroyed by Novak. Hopefully Shapo can pull off a crazy upset in the semis. 

Now he moves onto the Olympics where he chases a gold medal that he's never captured in his career. After that it's the US Open. 

Whatever. I don't think that's the last Wimbledon he plays since his family wasn't there to watch. That place is home for him and for only his two coaches to be there in his player's box? Nah, that's not how this ends. At least I hope to god not.