Rumors Are Swirling That The Montreal Canadiens Will Have A Stanley Cup Parade Whether They Win Or Lose

Mike Carlson. Getty Images.

Alright so I'm not particularly plugged in to the Montreal media. I know there are plenty of putzes here in Philly who have no idea what they're talking about, so I'm not sure if this Aaron Rand fella is just the Montreal version of that. Also, I have no idea whether he means that a suggestion has been made by Montreal government to host a Stanley Cup parade or if there was just a suggestion made to him by his shithead neighbor or something. 

Either way, I'm just going to take this story and run with it as fact because that's what journalistic integrity is all about these days. Shoot from the hips. Ask questions later. If you're wrong, who gives a shit because the news cycle moves on 20 minutes later. 

And let me tell you this--if the Montreal Canadiens host a parade for losing the Stanley Cup, it will be the official nail in the coffin for hockey in Canada. I don't care if they win Olympic gold medals. I don't care if every 1st overall draft pick in the rest of forever hails from the North. If you're gallivanting through the city for almost winning the Cup--a Cup which has not been hoisted by a Canadian team since most of Montreal's roster was even born--then hockey is no longer allowed to be the national sport of Canada. And with all of that being at stake here…

Well I couldn't be more on board with this plan for Montreal. I actually love this for them. Let the boys and girls have themselves a day. Heck, let's have every major city in Canada have themselves a day for a Canadian team getting so close to finally bringing the Cup home. You goofy bastards have earned it. Vancouver twice, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, now Montreal. All these teams have come so close, yet so far over the past 28 years. Go ahead and give yourselves a participation parade, Canada. I'm pretty sure that 6 Cup Final losses equate to 1 Cup Championship on the metric system anyway. 

P.S. - Not saying this series is over yet, either. All Montreal needs to do is keep this fella close by because holy hell does he have his finger on the pulse of this series.