Zach Wilson's Mom Refused His Offer of Money to Stay Off Social Media, but Killed Rumors She Has an OnlyFans Account

The rest of the NFL might be taking the early part of July off to take a deep breath before camps begin, but not so Lisa Wilson. Mother to Zach. Instant internet legend. Influencer. Firebrand. True original who backs down to no one. Sworn enemy of petty thieves and total dicks everywhere:

She can't stop, won't stop, being who she is. She's out there, she's loud, and she's proud. So much so, that even her son's offer to give up a part of his considerable No. 2 overall signing bonus is not enough to convince her to give up her quest to improve people's lives by her shining example. With no apologies:

And that is why I admire her so. She is as York described Queen Margaret in Henry VI, "a tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide."

So the fact that Lisa Wilson cannot be bought out and will continue being her best self on Instagram is a cause to rejoice. That's the good news. 

Here is the bad news. Responding to rumors that even I - as someone who will take a back seat to no one in my Lisa Wilson fandom was completely unaware of - she wants the world to know she has her social media limits. 

Yes, we could argue that the way Mrs. Wilson helps inspire women to exercise, cook for the first time, improve their relationships with their husbands, and even to get out of bed in the morning, she could help all of us through her OnlyFans account. But that would be self-defeating. You do not tell a strong, independent social media Valkyrie like Lisa what you want from her. You simply get out of the way and follow her. 

Should she change her mind with regards to OnlyFans, everyone get behind me in line. If she doesn't, I'll still be following her wherever her personal journey takes us. All hail my queen.