It Would Appear That JFK Jr Has Been Faking His Own Death For 22 Years And Will Be The VP In 2024 In An Unprecedented Move

I love the internet. We are living in an age when anything is possible. With enough memes and cryptic messages on weird websites a person can be raised from a plane crash off of Martha's Vineyard that happened in 1999. And then not only come back from the dead, but be given the role of Vice President because JFK Jr will also have to help raise America from the dead. I mean, what a story. I would absolutely lose my shit if JFK Jr just popped up out of nowhere for the first time since 1999. I remember when his plane went down so vividly because my Nana was OBSESSED. Her father was supposedly the plumber for JFK Jr's grandpa, Honey Fitzgerald in Boston. If she had the internet and google earth had been around back then she would've been searching for wreckage 100 sf at a time. Instead she just had the news channel logos burned into her projection big screen tv that weighed roughly 500lbs. If JFK Jr was alive it would be the biggest story since Jesus wore short pants. The internet would stop if he was like "hey..uuhhh...I'm back". It would be bigger than anything.

This woman is a moron though. You're just going to hand JFK Jr the Vice Presidency? I mean he just lied to you every day for 20+ years with his "death". Can't trust a guy like that. All he has is a name, a jawline, a defunct magazine, and three failed bar exams. Not exactly the type of guy I'd want to hitch my wagon to. If we are opening up political offices to dead people we could do a lot better than JFK Jr. We could have literally anyone. You could literally have Jesus Christ or JFK the dead president. Let's not limit ourselves to this dead guy if we can have any of them. 

The internet is doing it's thing though. I clicked through twitter. It would appear that the only people talking about JFK Jr are the people saying how crazy this woman is. I would set the over/under for people actually believing JFK Jr is alive and coming back at like 99.5. The amount of people looking for social clout for dunking on this woman is through the roof. I want to go back to a time when we just rolled our eyes are crazy people and didn't make them into a straw man for everything we detest to score internet points. I guess I want to go back to 1999.