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Chris Paul And The Suns GRIND THE BUCKS INTO DUST To Take A 1-0 LEAD!

This was a very different game both both teams. The Bucks were a bit of a rollercoaster in that when they were on, this was a very close game. The Suns were never really on fire, but they were reeeeeally consistent which negated the Bucks streaking. The Suns, like every other team struggled defending Middleton but did a phenomenal job defending the interior. Perimeter D kind of sucked, but thats a trade off you take vs almost any team. 

Chris Paul played out of his fucking mind in his first ever finals game. Like, vintage Paul. 32 and 9 with a steal and some incredible crossover work vs Bobby Portis which you can watch above. Not that cooking Portis is some incredible achievement, but still funny watching him reach in and flail around in despair. 

Here is the bottom line: If they are able to keep the offensive pace going like that despite one of their starters literally not scoring a field goal, we are in good shape. And no disrespect to the b0ssman Crowder meant there. He had an incredible defensive performance that set the tone in a huge way. He lead both teams in +/- for basically the entire game. 

Some pros from this game: 

- The Atmosphere was out of this world in the arena. If you are a suns fan that was at that game then THANK YOU cause you made it as unwelcoming as possible Giannis every time he went to the line. 

- Not that anyone thought it was going to go a different way, but Ayton continued to play incredible under the bright lights. 22 points and 19 rebounds!. He has been remarkably consistent and dependable for a bucket to jumpstart the offense with his incredible touch on the jump hook. 

- Free throw shooting was on point as always, which is an advantage they SHOULD have all series.

- Defense was insane vs the highest scoring team in the NBA. Tons of steals, great rotations. 

Some cons: 

- Dario Saric went down early after lumbering into the hole like a newborn giraffe, hurting himself in the process. He isn't a vital part of the team but he is better defensibly than Kaminsky and that is what they need from that position in the second unit. 

- Lopez hurting Paul's ankle might have longstanding effects on this series that I just do not want to think about. 

- Crowder not scoring sucks ass. When he is green-lighting himself and just bricking shit, it makes me feel helpless as a fan. 

Three more games. 144 more minutes. Basically 2 more hours and the suns are CHAMPIONS!

P.S. I booked my ticket and I will be in Phoenix