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Select AMC Theaters Will Be Showing UFC 264: Poirier vs McGregor III On Saturday

What a fantastic idea! I know some smaller theaters have screened WWE/UFC/boxing shows in the past, but how has it taken this long for it to catch on in the mainstream?! AMC should be doing this monthly. It's brilliant! Don't wanna pay $75 for the pay-per-view on Saturday? Go to the movies with a couple of your buddies and watch UFC 264 on the big screen for $25 bucks!

If I wasn't gonna be in the arena on Saturday (#humblebrag) or didn't have to blog about the fights, I think I'd definitely pop a couple 3Chi gummies and check this experience out. I'd be interested to hear about how it goes, too, so if any of you guys wind up attending on of your local theaters on Saturday, let me know what it's like! Fights, popcorn, candy, and a large soda? I can't imagine anyone having a lackluster time at that event.