MReview - Comparing The Best SMGs In Warzone Season 4

Since my previous AR video was so well received, I wanted to make that same video but use SMGs instead of ARs. The top 3 Warzone SMGs in this meta are the Bullfrog (my baby), the Milano and the CW MP5. In this video, I break down each gun, their strengths + weaknesses, which gun suits you best and the loadout for each gun!

As I've mentioned before, this meta for Warzone is very open. For the first time in a long time (maybe ever?), there is a ton of different weapons that are viable as main loadout weapons. This makes Warzone much more enjoyable, but now, it's time to deal with the hackers because they have been running rampant lately.

I could write a novel on how pathetic it is that Activision hasn't made an anti-cheat yet for this game, but I'll spare you the misery.

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