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Ever Wanted To Know What It Looked Like To Be In A Home Run Derby? Now You Can Because We're Getting Cameras On Batters Heads

Now we're talking MLB, now we're on the right path. T-Mobile will be showing off and marketing it's 5G Network by equipping the Home Run Derby participants with cameras on their heads and the catchers mask during the derby. Two weeks ago I said how we needed the umpires camera POV during MLB games after seeing them in the College World Series, looks like Rob Manfred and his staff saw it and thought it was a great idea. The POV cameras are going to be awesome as we get a live look at what it looks like to drop bombs in Colorado. The only thing I'm going to suggest is making the ball seeable. It's insanely hard to track the ball from that POV so we need a way to see the ball off Ohtani's bat. If you have a T-Mobile 5G phone you'll be able to see some other out of the box stats from the Derby too like hang time and exit velo. This is exclusive to only T-Mobile customers with 5G devices, so better switch that provider soon if you want to see the hang time. That is what we're missing in baseball is the hang time stat for homers, like punts in the NFL. That is how we should measure home runs now. I love this move and I expect to see more stuff like this in the future, give us the POV of the best home run hitters in baseball, that is how you get some fans excited. Maybe the next step is to put these cameras on the head of some kid in the outfield trying to catch those fly balls, someone is bound to get smoked in the head while wearing one.