12 Years Later And The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Still Hits Home

Chills. This trailer brings back so many memories. Whenever I reminisce on Modern Warfare 2, I always think about the Cliffhanger Campaign Mission.

Back in the day, I forced myself to beat the campaigns on Call of Duty titles before I became addicted to the multiplayer - MW2 was no exception. This mission will always have a special place in my heart because the ice climbing felt so revolutionary and exhilarating. 

Everyone always asks for MW2 to be remastered, but some masterpieces are best left in their era. CoD 4 remastered was fun to play, but doesn't hold a candle to the OG goat.


I also fear that MW2 Remastered will have people abusing the Model 1887 Akimbo shotguns and/or One Man Army Pro with noobs tubes.

Let's not forget about Commando Pro as well…

Regardless, MW2 is and always will be in the Call of Duty HOF. Everyone played MW2 and I mean EVERYONE. It was loved by all and this is where so many gamers began their Call of Duty careers. The campaign was great, multiplayer was insanely fun and Spec Ops added some nice spice as well.

My personal favorite was SnD - Nothing will beat squading up with the boys to play some Search and Destroy while smack talking in game chat on the older CoDs.

What do you guys think, should MW2 be remastered? Tweet me your thoughts.

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