Yacht Rock Part 2 Mix Is Here For The 4th Of July (Observed)

I have a sever problem when it comes to making music, mixes, anything music related. I set a due date and then I am neverable to meet it because I get carried away tweaking stupid shit nobody would ever notice, or adding to it and getting way too carried away.

It bit me in the ass again this weekend.

I put out the bat signal last week calling for song suggestions to help me round out my "Yacht Rock Part 2" mix for this weekend.

The outpouring of selections might have been the best of all time. No exaggeration whatsoever. Go through this thread and look at the gems people were dropping on me.

So what was supposed to be an hour mix turned into a three hour mix...

I apologize.

But here it is, enjoy! 

And Happy 4th of July (observed)!

And here is the 4th of July Playlist everybody has been asking about on social, if you want to find anything and everything I post just follow me on spotify or apple music and you'll see all my lists, or just favorite the ones you like.

Here's the First Mix for anybody wondering what the fuck this is all about.

P.s.- if you're too young to know what real music is, throw this mix on around your parents and watch how much their respect level for you goes up.


Thanks Magee!