Father Of The Year? LeBron Tells Off Announcer During Bronny’s AAU Game

LeBron is in the news again. Shocker, I know. While back home in his high school gym, LeBron got into it with the PA:

The video is kind of hard to decipher, but luckily you have a blogger here to do that work for you. Here’s a TL;DW (too long; didn’t watch):

>Bronny gets fouled

>Announcer at gym says of course Bronny gets that call in his fathers home gym

>LeBron then says don’t make this about me. It’s about my son. “Just let my son do his thing.”

LeBron, father of the year? Some are saying. Others are debating. Including Undisputed:

What a ballsy move by that announcer. He knows LeBron’s in the gym named after him and he hits us with that call like he’s Jeff Van Gundy? Kind of respect it. 

Speaking of Father LeBron, last week he was out supporting his other son, Bryce.

SportsCenter’s IG account is dedicated to the existence of the James family, but Omar appears to have forgot that Bronny exists. 

Imagine not tagging Bronny….the disrespect.