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Lee Corso Is Not Allowed To Put On FSU Mascot Gear Because...Of Bill Murray, Obviously

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That tweet makes me laugh every time I look at it – just so matter-of-fact, oh Lee Corso says he can’t dress as a Seminole anymore, why’s that? Because it’s probably a little bit semi-racist in today’s PC culture to come out and prance around in full Indian garb patting your mouth and pretend scalping people? Nah, Bill Murray. Took his spear and threw it though a kid’s eyeball. Yeah kind of put the kibosh on it.

Lee Corso and Bill Murray: two national treasures. There’s really only one way for the two of them sharing one stage to end – with Corso dressed as a Seminole Indian lying flat on his back as Bill plants elbows and kicks into his abdomen then rips the spear out of his hand and chucks it into the crowd straight into somebody’s face.

If the producers didn’t see that coming they really have no business being in the business.

Meanwhile Auburn doesn’t let Corso wear the mascot outfit for their own reasons –

Aubie the Tiger isn’t your average mascot. He is the only mascot that has ever turned down longtime ESPN College GameDay analyst Lee Corso, who shows off his pick for the network’s game of the week by donning a school’s mascot headgear. It is a tradition Corso began in 1996, and it has since become a staple of the popular traveling college football pregame show.

“Auburn is the only school in America that will not let me put on the headgear,” said Corso on Monday afternoon during a ESPN luncheon at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. “They have some kind of rule that you have got to be a special kind of human being to wear this guy’s headgear. “… So, I’m not going to pick ‘em,” he said with a laugh.

“It’s like the War Eagle Club tradition that no one puts on the mascot, except for the kid who’s the mascot,” explained ESPN College GameDay producer Lee Fitting. “It’s one of those things we respect and find other means – don the old-school leather football helmet and move on.”

On Monday afternoon Auburn’s official Aubie the Tiger account chimed in on Corso’s comments.

“I have never and will never let Lee Corso take my head for @CollegeGameDay!” Animal abuse is never ok! #SaveTheFelines,” the mascot’s account says.

“Auburn fans don’t have to worry about the #CorsoCurse any longer! #Winning #CantTouchThis”

Auburn did not return calls or emails related to its rules regarding Aubie the Tiger. [AL]

I can respect that.

…And yes to answer your question, I am already thinking about waking up at 9 AM on Saturday mornings to take screenshots of signs on my TV screen. And I couldn’t be happier.