Explaining To The Simpletons How The Blackhawks Could In Theory Acquire Both Dougie Hamilton And Seth Jones

So I put this tweet out there yesterday. I am trying to be positive in the wake of this rumored Duncan Keith move. It was met with some criticism. Criticism is fine. I am not even necessarily advocating for both. I am saying it is possible. is. Other people on the internet are GIANT pussies who just like to sit on an unearned thrown and talk shit to their "audience" of like minded simpletons who can't think more than move or year at a time. 

I am reluctant to include the tweet in question, but it's the only way to accurately show what a stupid loser this pussy is on the internet. Normally, I wouldn't respond, especially on my vacation week, but I don't know...I am going to dunk on this guy because he is an idiot and he deserves it

Didn't have the guts to RT or tag or anything. Just scrolled through for my tweets because he is obsessed with me probably because I do this for a living and he's in the internet cheap seats. Red meat for the hockey twitter section of the internet which got him a grand total of 25 engagements, two of which came from me because someone tagged me in response to which he said

So to recap, this guy is mad that someone "snitch tagged" me in his tweet that he made using my tweet on a public platform. That is hockey twitter for you. This guy probably does this all the time but because he is yelling into the internet abyss and nobody pays attention to him I seldom notice. This guy is such a loser. 

Now let's get to the bones of his actual criticism. A criticism that was born out of his inability to think critically. 

He says that Jones and Hamilton will receive a combined $16M with a flat cap. That might be true in 2022-23 when an extension for Jones would have to kick in. For now though…Jones only costs $5.4M. You know else makes exactly that pretty much…Duncan Keith. Keith's cap hit is $5.538. So for next season when the cap is flat you're swapping Jones for Keith. That should be simple enough to figure out, but it is hard for some people. Mainly for this guy, who sucks and doesn't understand hockey and doesn't have anyone in the NHL who talks to him because he is a nobody. 

Dougie Hamilton will probably require a contract that is 7x8 or 8x8 if the Blackhawks work a sign and trade with Carolina to get him his full 8 year contract. The Blackhawks can dip into that LTIR space and manage that appropriately because they will have Shaw's $3.9M and Seabrook's $6.875M. I also think(based on a couple of conversations) that the Blackhawks will be able to move Brett Connolly's $3.5M cap hit. Connolly might go to Seattle with a sweetener like Nylander to make it happen. 

Okay Chief, but what about re-signing Jones long term and having to pay him starting in 2022-23?

So glad you asked. You know who is off the books that off-season and can have their cap hits directed towards a Jones extension? Both de Haan and Murphy. I like Murphy a lot, but if you do sign Hamilton and Jones then you don't need Murphy. Especially if you think Mitchell or Boqvist will become the 3rd pair dman on the right side(one of those guys will probably be traded in a move for Jones). 

Beyond 2022-23 you know who else needs deals? Literally everyone. Debrincat will likely get a raise to the 8 or 9M AAV mark. My guess is that IF Toews and Kane want to sign here to finish out their careers they will actually be at a reduced rate from the $10.5M AAV they have now. So with that added flexibility, the Cap going up by those years thanks to new TV money from ESPN and Turner and a 32nd franchise selling jerseys, tickets, parking, hot dogs, and TV rights to a new and large market, there will be enough money to go around for the core pieces they like, Jones, Hamilton, and RFA deals for Dach/Borgstrom, Mitchell, etc. 


This isn't hard to figure out. Like this idiot's math. You just need to be able to have an ounce of foresight and critical thinking and the ability to not be a jealous fuck with no audience and an even smaller brain.