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Get Your Apocalypse Bingo Cards Out Because The Gulf Of Mexico Is On Fire

I was doing some end of the day Twitter browsing on my computer before calling it a day, which pretty much means scrolling Twitter on my phone the rest of the night in between pitches of the Mets game, when I came across someone tweeting out this video saying there was a scene out of Ragnarok taking place on Earth. Annnnnnnd yeah, I have to say that about nailed it!

Boats on the water spraying water onto the fire taking place underwater seems weird to a common man like myself. But I'll let the pros do their job on this one as I await whatever the next calamity our Old Testament God has lined up for us. It's been a while since my last CCD class, but you gotta figure the four horsemen can't be far behind the plague and oceans burning, right?