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Rate My Bruce Springsteen Impression On A Scale Of 1-5 Balls

Obviously everyone here knows I'm a Billy Joel guy. Everyone knows if you were to cut me Long Island, New York (outside of hockey) spews the fuck out of me which in turn means Billy Joel spews the fuck out of me as he is our one true king. And a lotta folks like to pit Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen against each other even though they're pals so some people may be shocked to see me do such a FANTASTIC Bruce Springsteen impression here but they're just going to have to live with that, you know?

I can't even say I'm the biggest Bruce guy out there although when you throw a little song like Atlantic City in there about one of my favorite places (Atlantic City) I'm gonna attempt to memorize the fuck out of it solely for comraderie purposes. That really was a vibes turning point on Barstool Vs. America though. Seeing beautiful AC for the first time in 2 years since pre-coronavirus really did feel great after hitting 4 other very far away cities for New Yorkers whereas Atlantic City is literally our secondary trashbag home. What a place AC is.