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Sha’Carri Richardson - The Fastest Woman Alive - Has Been Suspended From The Olympics For Testing Positive For Marijuana In The Year Of Our Lord 2021

It's 2021. We're closer to 2022 than we are 2020. Like we're into the '20s now. And people still are having million dollar opportunities snatched away because of a plant that has grown alongside humanity for thousands of years. Is Stephen A. Smith on the doping board of the IOC? Why is this happening? Who the fuck still cares? 

Make no mistake when I say millions were just snatched away from Sha'Carri Richardson I mean that very sincerely. She was going to be a star of these games. Maybe not the main story, that's impossible to tell at this point, but one of the biggest storylines without question. Speed always sells. And Sha'Carri was going to dominate, rack up some golds for the US of A and talk BIG shit while dominating. The same exact characteristics which have vaulted Usain Bolt to stardom. 

She high-stepped her way to the NCAA record for the 100m. 

That's what kind of star was about to hit the global stage.

I genuinely thought we were long past the days of everyone freaking out because a picture of Michael Phelps clearing a bong went viral. That was 12 years ago, still a genuinely harmless plant is causing controversy at the Olympics. I don't know why Sha'Carri Richardson smoked. I would imagine it's because she's cool as hell and not a gigantic fucking nerd. I would also imagine it helped her cope with the loss of her mother, who passed right before her Olympic trials began.

(People) - "My family has kept me grounded. This year has been crazy for me going from just last week losing my biological mother and I'm still here," she said during an interview shortly after. "My biological mother passed away and [I'm] still choosing to pursue my dreams, still coming out here, still making sure to make the family that I do still have on this earth proud."

Richardson did not elaborate on the circumstances of the death of her biological mother.

She continued, "The fact that nobody knows what I go through, everybody has struggles and I understand that but yall see me on this track and yall see the poke face I put on but [my family] and my coach knows what I go through on a day-to-day basis and I'm highly grateful for them."

"Without them, there would be no me. Without my grandmother, there would be no Sha'Carri Richardson. My family is my everything - my everything until the day I'm done," Richardson said, NBC reported.

I can't imagine anyone with a brain thinks she should be suspended. Yeah I know, rules are rules, blah, blah, blah, but for Christ sake there really needs to be someone with a smidgeon of common sense who can see how fucking stupid this is and reverse it. Or, better yet, see this failed drug test isn't for steroids, immediately shrug their shoulders, toss the results in the nearest garbage bin, mark her file with a "Pass," and keep it moving. Instead we let nerds and dweebs run everything and decide grown adults can't smoke because 70 years of mass information says it's bad for you. What a joke.