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The Hottest Shirt Of Summer Is Back!

Last night my pal Chief was feeling himself a little. Hot off a big-time Dog Walk Draft Victory, probably treated himself to some 3Chi edibles, you know the drill-

That picture of a young strapping JFK lounging on the beach in Hyannisport, MA, reading The Times, puffing on his cigar of choice, a H. Upmann Petit Corona. Wanna know how I know that was his cigar of choice? Because he bought 1,200 of the things hours before he executed the Cuban Trade Embargo

Kennedy's gonna Kennedy.

Regardless, that picture hit me right in the feels. 

Took me back to earlier times. Better times.

Pre Barstool Chicago days. When we were truly a pirate ship, a rudderless pirate ship, cruising the seas just waiting to get ceased-and-desisted by everybody and anybody. (Shootout Ack Surf)

I used to have this shirt. I fuckin loved this shirt. Until somebody spilled jaegermeister on it and I couldn't get the stain out and had to retire it to Goodwill.

Little did I know it got pulled from the product line so I couldn't reorder a clean one.

Until NOW - 

People love to dump on the Cincinnatti Miracle Man Mike Welker but you'll never hear a negative thing from me. The man is a fucking "grand'uomo" as it's called in Italian. A fucking stud. 

So the hottest shirt of the summer is back. Get them now before one of those inbred Kennedy/Skakel fuck-ups hits us with a cease and desist.