Kofi Is Transferring And I Could Care Less. You’re Either With Us Or Against Us.

Listen I’m gonna make this real simple. You’re either on my team or you’re not. There’s no half measures when it comes to this shit. You either ride with me or you’re the enemy and in this case it seems Kofi has chosen the latter to accompany his NBA future. Good great grand WONDERFUL. I’m not crying over spilled milk or a guy who sold his services because Antigua jumped ship. If Brad Underwood and the University of Illinois aren’t good enough for you, then you obviously suck as a person and a human. Is there no honor in college sports?

No. There’s not. It’s a sham and we’ve known it forever.  I’ll mourn the loss of Kofi Cockburn the second I sincerely believe he ever gave a fuck about Illinois. It was good while it lasted but I’m not proposing to a hooker. There’s a reason  you pay for that sex. There’s a reason you pay for that post player. It’s because you can and it feels good irrespective of the morality and legality. Simply put you’re a bad boy.

In this case someone else is the higher bidder for Kofi. Underwood has too much honor to play dirty any longer. He put his foot down and is running a clean program. Out with Kofi and in with standards of accountability. Good for Coach Underwood and even better for Illinois. With or without Kofi I’m proud of where this is headed. Not that I have a choice  

Anyways. It’s Curbelo’s team now. Deal with that shit.