Nick Kyrgios is Back Asking Fans in the Stands Where He Should Serve Match Points Because He's a World Class Entertainer

Mike Hewitt. Getty Images.

It is fucking awesome to see Nick Kyrgios back on a tennis court and playing completely locked in. This dude actually took a six month layoff from the sport and is playing like he never took a break. Flat out making a mockery of preparation and training. He actually had a quote coming in saying he knows he can beat 50% of the field in this tournament with zero prep whatsoever. So cocky, but I honestly believe him. Nick's serve is extremely on point right now as if he's been playing non-stop all pandemic. Dude has been playing more Call of Duty than tennis and it's not even close actually. Fact is he's barely picked up a racket in these six months, that's how unbelievably talented this man is, it's truly remarkable. Today Nick was up to his old tricks, taking advice from a random fan as to where he should serve match point. Obviously he won the point and then gifted the fan with the game winning ball.

Legend. You don't have to even like tennis and you'll be incapable of looking away when you tune into one of his matches. Seems maybe his new girlfriend has him a tad more composed and zeroed in on winning, but maybe he's just happy for once. I would LOVE if Nick could make a deep run into the second weekend. His honest interviews and unbelievable talent are can't miss. He'll always be one of my favorite athletes, through the good and the bad. Right now it's the good and I hope it's here to stay. What I would give for him to run into Djokovic in this tournament. He's never lost a set to the world number 1. 

Here's his highlights from today's straight set affair.