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Bryson DeChambeau's Caddie Reportedly Quits Hours Before The Rocket Mortgage Classic.... and Brooks Koepka Pounces Like A Cat

Ooooo man, this is a spicy one. On the morning of a title defense at the Rocket Mortgage, Bryson's caddie just up and leaves. Toodles. Sayonara. We'll talk to ya.

There's negative percent chance that there wasn't an incident of some sort. A blow-up so to speak. Caddies don't just leave a bag on Thursday morning. They just don't. Especially when it's the 6th ranked player in the world who's won 8 times on Tour. It's certainly possible that this is has been a long time coming, but there's roughly a bajillion other ways this could have gone down that DON'T end up with one of Bryson's sponsorship guys on the bag at a moment's notice.

There's not a player on the planet that could elicit the type of speculation as to why and how this went down. The imagination could run WILD with this one. Was it the long range sessions? Was it the absurd level of attention to detail? Was it the Brooksy circus? The possibilities are endless, and I'm sure the rumors won't be going anywhere any time soon regardless of what type of statement his team puts out.


What we could be sure of was Brooks Koepka was gonna have himself a FIELD DAY with this one, and only took a matter of minutes for him to subtweet Bryson into bolivian.

Any chance Brooks gets, he's gonna needle him. This is a wildfire of ammunition and he knows it. What's worse for Bryson is that it leaves him without a formal caddie ahead of both his Match with Rodgers, Brady, and Phil on Tuesday where a ton of eyeballs are going to be on him... and the Open Championship is just two weeks away. He'll be fine at the Rocket Mortgage, but this is gonna be a juicy storyline as that approaches. Plenty more to come, I'm sure.

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