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Warzone Is Finally Past The Point Of Being Unplayable

Before reading this blog, checkout my YouTube video above! I spectated solos in Warzone, couldn't believe the plays that these guys were making and the ending didn't disappoint! I'm pushing this one because the average watch time is double my normal video, so I know you'll enjoy it.

State of the Union: Warzone

First off, that checkmark looks CLEAN - I am officially MRags. What a moment.

So yesterday, I squaded up with Smitty, Megan Anderson and LinnDiesel. We were playing squads, had a few good games but the rest of the time the game felt unplayable. Every game felt like we were playing in the World Series of Warzone. The game has come to a point where I can't tell if we're running into dominant teams or if everyone is cheating. I have very good instincts to tell if someone is cheating or not, but after a while, the line becomes very blurry. Even Symfuhny is calling for another ban wave.

The biggest problem with a ban wave is that all the cheaters make new accounts and the cycle continues. I've put so many hours into Warzone that I can tell when something just feels off and lately, we are well past that point.

To take a step back and explain what's going on for casual gamers or non-gamers, let me start with this fact - Warzone has NO anti-cheat. In today's world of PC gaming, it is extremely easy to get hacks which make your aim better, you can see enemies through walls or the all-in "aimbot" which won't miss a single shot. Think about a golfer having a microchip in their golf ball so they can place the ball exactly where they want each shot - That's aimbot and there's no counter.

The amount of hacks available within Warzone are absurd and I can write a novel going into each one, but I'll spare you all the details. Courage was playing with Marshmello and Joe Jonas yesterday when this happened:

The player with the no scope sniper is clearly using aimbot and downing everybody. When you run into a hacker, it's so demoralizing because Activision will not do anything to counter these cowards. It's just living in Spain without the S. So, it's time to adjust, adapt and overcome.

While Warzone stays in its rut, we're going to be dabbling into other games and I couldn't be more excited. Tweet me what games you want to see us play on Twitch!

I wouldn't be doing my job as co-host of Gametime if I didn't play various games. Lately, we've done a great job incorporating different games into the mix. To list a few:

- Goldeneye

- Valorant

- Super Smash

- Warzone

- Rocket League

- Halo Master Chief

- Lawn Mowing Simulator 

- Knockout City

And today, we got returning game FIFA against Big T and Mario Golf with Kenjac! Watch the VOD below: