The Only Shocking Thing About This Brawl In The Stands Last Night Was That The Clippers Fans Won The Fight

I don't mean to stereotype here but when facts are presented I'm going to back the facts. All I know is Suns fans are sweeping people left and right in brawls in the stands and this guy is a reported Suns fan. It all started with our guy Nick in self defense. 

Then we had another brawl between Suns and Clippers fans back after Game 1. Yet again, a win for the Suns. 

Which brings me to last night. Chris Paul put on a show. Deandre Ayton kept dominating inside. The legit most shocking thing of last night was the Suns fan losing this fight. I should say reported Suns fan. It's hard to tell because baldy is wearing just a black shirt that doesn't have any design on it. If I had to guess he's probably a Lakers fan. Just a hunch. Looks like a Lakers fan. And you know what? I found one of my least favorite people. Bootleg Kawhi jersey, Bama-bang having old ass. 


Your first move is to pour beer on someone? Well, I guess I understand why when I see him start to punch. It looks like a toddler trying to throw a punch. He even tries to use the beer can as a weapon! That just shows me you have zero idea how to fight. If you're going to fight in the stands rules are simple. Get high ground and no weapons. It's strictly fisticuffs. Also how is he the dude to complete the shove? I'm not lying when I say I don't know this kid, but I hate him. This is how I feel watching him throw over the head haymakers just missing. 

That said, the weirdest move of all? My guy at the 17 second mark going with the old ass slap. 

I don't know what makes you start grabbing a hunk of ass during a fight, but that lets the brawlers know you are crazy. Chess not checkers. Everyone trying to hit faces and heads, this guy is going for the sneak attack and smacking the ass. You could argue it got the bald guy off center allowing the shove. 

I don't know man, call me crazy but I've never felt inclined to fight someone in the stands. Just go, drink a beer, watch the game and have a time. Do a little chirping and then get out before it comes time to fight.