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Hey Jason Kelce, Do The Beer Tweet

There are a lot of teams, management groups, coaches and players to be furious about right now in Philly sports. Almost all of them have unequivocally been total failures and utter disappointments over the past year or so. But if there's one man who plays a professional sport in this city and is above any and all criticism, it is Jason Kelce. Because not only does he his job on Sundays, but he also represents the best of all of us. And how does he do that?

By slingin' and yuggin' beers all day long at the OD in Sea Isle City. 

This magnificent beast of a man. The dude loves 2 things in life. #1) He loves protecting QB1. Whoever that may be for the Philadelphia Eagles. And #2) he loves his summers in Sea Isle and more specifically, the Ocean Drive. One of the most influential establishments in any young Philadelphian's life. You head into that place at first as a wide-eyed 21-year-old child. And after a few years of having your ears blasted off by Secret Service and your liver blasted off by a tray of Jell-O shots, you leave there either a grown ass man or a grown ass woman. I'd say the OD has done a better job at raising most of us than our own parents have. Love that place. 

Sidenote: I bet Jason Kelce could probably make more money as a bartender at the OD than he could as an NFL player at this point. Even just a bunch of regular Joe's behind the bar leave there after a packed Saturday night with the bag. Could you imagine Kelce getting out of there after putting in a full weekend shift between the nights and then No Shower Happy Hour + Sunday Jam? He's making his year's salary in one month. Even when you're dealing with young shit heads who don't know how to properly tip their bartenders, just the sheer volume alone would have him thinking about switching professions. Howie better get him a new contract before he's gone to Sea Isle for good.