The Suns Showed Up To A Massive Party In Phoenix After Beating The Clippers And We Got Frank Kaminsky Chugging Beers In The Street

Oh hell yeah. I know people will hate on this but I don't. We're talking about the Suns here. The Suns haven't made the NBA Finals since 1993 when they had the best jerseys in all of sports and Dan Majerle had the best nickname out there with Thunder Dan. Shit, they didn't make the playoffs for 10 years. So let them party. They won the Western Conference Finals, it's worth a party. Plus we got to see Devin Booker rocking another sick ass car. 

But the real star here is Frank Kaminsky. The man found himself all over Twitter for not shoving Pat Bev back. First off, genius move by all of the Suns for not reacting. Remember the last time the Suns reacted to a shove like that? 


Suspensions, cost themselves a chance to beat the Spurs, etc. But that's for a different blog. This is about our guy Frank going with the beer chug. 

You know what that beer chug means? The Suns (and Dana) are back. You don't do beer chugs without being back. I don't make the rules, I just follow blog rules. All I know is everyone outside of Milwaukee and Atlanta should be all-in on the Suns. Who doesn't have a soft spot for them? I'm not even talking about this version, just the Suns in general. Everyone loved their jerseys. Everyone loved Steve Nash and Seven Seconds or Less. We got Suns in Four Guy and Blake the kid that goes apeshit during games. Give us a title now and the parade is going to be wild.