Rock Bottom Finds a New Level: Angels Put Up a 7 Spot In The 9th To Hand The Yankees One Of Their Worst Regular Season Losses In Years

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

Angels 11 Yankees 8

Sometimes I really hate myself for my inability to fall asleep at night. I'll spend HOURS sitting in bed on my laptop while I've got whatever streaming service rolling on the TV as my eyes stay open until the middle of the night hits. If I'm not awake at 3am that's a warning sign, but tonight is why that insomnia is actually a blessing. If I dozed off at let's say 11:30 or even midnight and woke up to find out the Yankees gave up 7 runs in the top of the 9th to lose a baseball game where Shohei Ohtani started and lasted two outs, giving up 7 runs himself? You gotta actually consider ending it all. One of the worst feelings a sports fan can have is waking up to an inexplicable loss like this. Being able to witness that and not have to wake up to that shock? That's why insomnia is worth it. 

Let me repeat part of that opening paragraph. Shohei Ohtani, the modern day Babe Ruth, surrendered seven runs in 2/3s of an inning in this game and the Yankees found a way to lose it. Boone brought in Aroldis Chapman in a four run game because he hadn't pitched in over a week since all this team has been doing is losing lately. Never like to bring in your closer in a non save situation because the game ending mentality isn't always a give-in, but come the fuck on dude gimme a break. 

Chapman carried on his dreadful recent stretch (entering this one with an ERA of 11.81 in his last seven appearances) and could not throw a strike to save his life. Three walks in four batters brought up Jared Walsh as the tying run. The Angels first baseman sat on a 1-0 hanging slider and blasted it over the right center field wall. Tie game. TIE GAME. 

This season has scarred me so badly that I genuinely did not flinch when it happened. I kinda expected it to be honest in some fucked up way. How could this season get any worse, oh I got it, blow this impossible-to-blow game that was at one point bringing fans unforeseen happiness.  Mets lost 20-2 tonight and fans will wake up feeling just fine when they see what happened in The Bronx. That's how bad this was. Chapman's ERA is almost 4! Dude didn't give up a run until May 8th and now that shit is approaching FOUR? Sure the Yankees went 3 for 12 with RISP and only scored once after the 1st inning, but a four run lead in the 9th needs to get the job done I'm sorry dude. Fuck off. 

Chapman was pulled and in came the usually reliable Lucas Luetge to try and keep the game tied. That surely didn't happen. The first two batters reached putting runners on the corners before Iglesias struck out. Luetge was one strike away from getting out of it until someone named LUIS RENGIFO ripped a base hit to give the Angels the lead. Truly remarkable stuff. Of course that happens, why wouldn't it? Probably up there in the top 5 worst non-playoff losses I've ever seen. To knock around Ohtani like that, sit through multiple long rain delays, then see Chapman do that in the 9th? Holy fuck that's as bad as it gets. T's and p's to anyone that actually went to the game and stayed the whole time, you deserve like a cash reward from Hal for that shit. Now we're talking about the same owner who forced Cashman to trade away Ottavino just to free up money so obviously you're not seeing a dime, but you deserve it. You quite literally paid to get a glimpse of hell tonight. Good luck sleeping. 

Oh let's get Boone's thoughts before we close this out…


Awesome, nice man. Now to someone who actually can show he gives a damn…

Probably getting a rain out on Thursday before the Mets come to The Bronx. Rock bottom has reached a new level. It's July 1st and I have no soul remaining. 

P.S. I have a feeling Hal is going to wake up, check the scores and call in a sick day.