Let's Break Down That Dumbfuck Josh Donaldson's Pregame Rant Tweet x Tweet

ICYMI, Josh Donaldson ran his mouth against Lucas Giolito for using sticky shit last night. You can read about that more here. The gist of it is this:

1. Donaldson shit talked the least shit-talking dude he could have
2. Well over half of pitchers in baseball were using it, including players on the Minnesota Twins
3. The Twins are one of the worst fucking teams in baseball. Literally! What the fuck does he have to talk shit about!!
4. The MLB LOVES that there's a wedge being driven between the players before the expiring CBA

Then the tweet above popped up, along with this tweet thread below. Let's break each down 1x1:


Fucking everyone was using the shit you tool, including Twins players, such as Kenta Maeda, Minnesota's starting pitcher from last night, who had the lowest spin rate of his entire career yesterday:

If you're gonna call someone out, call EVERYONE out. Including your own teammates, you fucking tool.


He's calling ME classless here because I'm taking Gio/every pitcher in baseball who used the shit's side. Me classless? Totally fair. But why does he care about the drug dealers more than the drug lord? Why don't you start with MLB/Manfred for enabling the cheating in the first place when it was called out YEARS ago by Trevor Bauer? Fuck outta my face.

No shit he doesn't have much to say to you. You're a fucking rat.

I'll actually take his side here 10000%, at least on the first part. Gio is on the White Sox. The White Sox are the Twins' enemy. He should hate us and we should hate him. He just packaged everything insanely poorly. 

That said if he got in Gio's face and Gio just walked away, then Gio's got the will power of a Seal Team XI member or some shit. I can already smell the 100MPH Jose Ruiz fastball drilling Donaldson's ribs tonight.


Again, 100% agree here. But…. you did show up Gio. Fuck yourself. 

TALK SHIT ABOUT OZZIE YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT WHITE SOX FANS YOU CUNT!!! Ozzie's also got a World Series ring, and you don't. Bet he wouldn't trade the two, even if he was manager and not playing. Calling out a 1980/90s SS for not having high OPS numbers is just a laughably bad insult. Just the lowest hanging fruit possible that it's embarrassing to read. 

I was of the opinion that the White Sox should NOT drill Donaldson tonight until I read this thread. Let's not forget they threw at Yermin last month. FUCK that team. Now I want a Jose Ruiz fastball right to his fucking ribs. 

Just not Michael Kopech who is BACK as I type this blog:

Great news, he is going to be a MAJOR piece to the White Sox chase for the pennant. Let's fucking go. Suck my ass Donaldson