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Kodak Black Has Literally Been Flushing Money Down The Toilet And People Are Furious


Kodak what’s going on my guy?! Anyone who’s followed Kodak for awhile knows he’s a big time troll who loves to do and say ignorant shit just to set the internet on fire and surprise surprise, he’s succeeded again. Now there’s two ways you can look at this. On one hand a rational more charitable person could point on the laundry list of causes that could this money to better use than just flushing it down his toilet. This man was so determined to stuff his hard earned money down the shitter that he stuck his hands in the toilet water with no hesitation. I don’t care if that toilet and water is in mint condition that‘s never been pooped or pissed in I’m still very hesitant to stick my bare hands in that water but apparently Kodak is a braver man than me. On the other hand one could say there is a part of it that’s very funny that he does it strictly so people absolutely lose their minds on the internet. It’s his money he can do whatever the hell he wants with it i suppose. Let’s not forget this is the same man who went on a boat with the soul purpose of tossing 100K in cash into the middle of the ocean $100 bill by $100 bill. 

I’ve gotta imagine the guy who filmed this video must have spent every moment thinking about all the the things he could spend this money on. That’s a down payment on a big house. That‘s brand new cars for each member of a family of 4-5. That’s a college tuition to some private schools. That‘s what Dave Portnoy has on Mississippi State (an institution that’s been around for over 100 years and never won a championship in any team sport) in the college world series tonight. What a funny asshole Kodak is.