Lionel Messi’s Contract For The Last Four Years Was So Big That It Put Patrick Mahomes' 10-Year, $503M Contract To Shame

Excuse me???? Did this man just say Lionel Messi just made $674M over the last four years strictly from soccer alone? No endorsement deals included or anything? When it comes to this acquiring currency shit, soccer money is DIFFERENT. To add even another cherry on top, the $674M is in euros which translates to $767M in US dollars. Sweet Jesus. That’s gotta be more wealth than a good amount of countries. His agent probably made more money than some NBA all-stars just for negotiating the deal. If you want your son or daughter to be financially successful just groom them from a young age to be a big time soccer agent. How you get into that industry you ask? I have absolutely no clue. My first guess would be to go to law school but who the hell knows. It’s not about what you know it’s about who you know. 

People were freaking out over Patrick Mahomes getting 10 years, $503M, that’s chump change to Messi. If Barcelona put Mahomes contract in front of Lionel Messi he’d probably set it on fire, toss it in the trash and then piss on it to put the fire out. I know this has been public knowledge but that is still shocking amounts of money. He made 500,000 euros a week during the duration of this contract from just soccer alone. That doesn’t even include all his personal endorsement/brand deals. Anytime anyone tries to say that any sport even remotely matches soccer on a global level I’ll just have to show them this contract. Argument over. Mic drop. The only thing that could even remotely compete in terms of global outreach is boxing just based on its longevity in so many countries cultures since the beginning of time and its a language that anyone can speak to some degree. Everyone loves to see people fight, but at the end of the day boxing still doesn’t have shit on soccer when it comes to overall fan engagement and money. Football may run America, but soccer is king of the world.