The Hasbulla Force 1s Are The Greatest Pair Of Shoes I've Ever Seen

FIRE. Absolute flames. Put these on and your body probably reacts like you just slipped the Infinity Gauntlet on....

Here's the real point of this blog tho: what's going on with Hasbulla? Wasn't he supposed to fight in 3-4 days like 13-14 days ago?! Is he okay?!

It seems he may have split with his manager/promoter based on this post….

….but he's still trainin like a motherfucker it seems….

Phenomenal work, Champ!

Seriously tho what's goin on with this Hasbulla fight? We got a Mayweather/Pacquiao situation on our hands where this is just gonna be hyped forever? What're we doin here?

P.S. No free ads but shoutout to Spanish artist MelonKicks for designing these….