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If You Watch Just One Video of a Shark Trying to Eat a Parasailer Today, Make it This One


Source -  THIS is the shocking moment a shark leaps out of the water and bites a parasailer’s foot, at a resort in the Red Sea.

Footage of the horrifying incident shows the tandem paraglider, a 37-year-old Jordanian man, hovering above the water when the shark suddenly emerges and chomps his leg.

The man sustained serious injuries in the attack in Aqaba on Friday evening, and was rushed to the Prince Hashem Military Hospital.

Medics operated on his right foot, which had several tendons severed and the muscle torn in the incident, as well as having several broken bones.

He was later said to be in a stable condition.

Well that's great. That's just great. Before you know it Shark Week will be back and oceanographer after shark researcher after ichthyologist will be there once again to remind us that they are shy, gentle creatures and no threat to us. Well what do the so-called "experts" have to say about this? No longer content to be perfectly evolved, carnivorous murder torpedoes, these hell demons are now taking flight. Not just to give us the obligatory slow motion footage of them devouring a seal - which is the essence of Shark Week - but being an actual threat to humans in the air. Flying above the water. 

They've gone from a stealthy submarine threat to an air force, not even bothering to form a surface fleet in between. These razor-toothed bastards have figured out that people a few feet above the water are every bit as tasty, but even more vulnerable than swimmers because they can't get away. They're strapped into a giant nylon bag and totally at the mercy of physics, gravity, and nature. And when you're the apex predator below the waves, there's no one to tell you you don't have air rights over your territory. 

And our species should've known better. It's not like we weren't warned something like this could happen. We've had footage of it for 55 years:

I've been parasailing once. And I'm glad I took pictures, because after seeing this, I'm not going back. At least not without a good supply of Oceanic Repellant Bat Sprays. 

Best of luck to this guy for a speedy recovery. I get he was caught unawares. I just don't want to hear anybody complaining once it gets around the shark community that parasailers are delicious and ready to be harvested. Because the way these creatures adapt, we'll be seeing these attacks every day. Sharks are the absolute worst