Spectating Solos Is The Warzone Meta You Never Knew You Needed

Words can't do it justice, so I try to show you a small gist of spectating solos through this short clip:


This was the second person that I spectated and neither player would fully plate up, which drove me insane! On top of it all, this guy almost killed himself with his own semtex. You simply can't make it up.

To explain the video a little bit, I was playing a Warzone solo match and having a great game. The snipes were on point and I was frying. I got into a weird gunfight in Boneyard, died and went to the gulag. Won my gulag fight and respawned back into the map to die to an alleged hacker (I'm 99.9999965% sure he was hacking - comment your thoughts). So, I decided to watch the rest of the game and it did not disappoint! 

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