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Alaskan Bridezilla Infuriates Neighbors By Calling 'Dibs' On Public Forest

From u/wet_leaves on Reddit

Friday and Saturday June 18th and 19th we will be hosting our wedding ceremony and Reception Please do not camp here! We have an entire guest list arriving for the weekend to celebrate so if you decide to anyways we will set up around you and do it anyway. Make sure you have a gift and a dish for the BBQ. 

PS. this will be a loud music and late night type of weekend so if your here expect that. There will be 50+ of us. Thank you for understanding

The whole thing came across extremely assholish & snarky to me, especially since (according to u/wet_leaves) this was in a public-use area that she had not reserved. Needless to say the neighborhood felt the same way and tacked up their own signs over hers, which r/wet_leaves also shared:


Bold use of font, quotation marks and the highlighter tool on that response and excellent question about where 50+ people will be taking their beer n BBQ dumps. Regarding the handwritten sign bottom-left, I hope everyone had a nice time at the Teenage Boy Campout And Family Photo Shoot despite the wedding nonsense. 

The whole thing got so blown up in the area that the bride wound up taking to FB to explain that her original post was being totally misunderstood…

What kind of Alaskan nature wonderland is this that she's afraid of punk teens, drug addicts and party animals crashing the reception? But a little devil's advocate - I also know rural areas with not much to do big celebrations can be a local-yokel magnet. When my cousin married a woman from the Montana boonies out there they knew to get a bunch of kegs & invite the whole town because apparently they'd all show up anyway. Whatever the case she still came across snobby when this all could have been avoided with a kinder message. 

"Hi neighbors! I'm getting married soon & unfortunately money has been pretty tight for us lately so a fancy venue is out the window. Instead, we're hoping to get a permit for this space that I've loved my whole life. If you're also planning to use this area on those dates please contact me at ###-#### and I'll send you a $50 gift card to the Barstool Store in exchange for privacy that day."

In closing, please enjoy this $4.00 Getty Images stock photo from 2011 that my "boonies wedding" search yielded. 

ImageegamI. Getty Images.