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Irina Shayk Knows That The Only Way To Model Shoes Is To Take Your Top Off

Leave it to Kanye West’s leading lady to Shayk up our Instagram feeds with some sexy snaps.

Irina Shayk is never one to shy away from a topless Instagram shoot, so it comes as no surprise that she put on quite the show to promote her collaboration with shoe designer Tamara Mellon.

On Sunday, the 35-year-old supermodel styled her yellow “Sun Valley” sandals ($695) with a barely-there bikini bottom in a similar shade, crouching on the beach while covering her chest with her hands.

Oh, yea, did you guys know that? Kanye West and Irina Shayk are dating. She left Bradley Cooper (who was cupcaking with Lady Gaga) and she moved onto Kanye, fresh on the heels of his divorce from Kim (Kardashian). Are they a good couple? Honestly, I could care less. Neither of their love lives concern me. The real question here is, did we know all along that Irina was such a marketing MAVEN?


How else do YOU sell shoes? NOT topless? I bet you've made zero sales. Irina knows she oozes sex, she starts slangin' some sandals, why not combine the two? SEX SELLS. And to top it all off, we're involving feet? I can hear men's orgasms all over the world.