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Wanna Rewatch Every Death From The Sopranos In Honor Of The Trailer For The Prequel Movie Dropping? Good, Me Too! (Bonus: Top 5 Sopranos Death Scenes)

I'll be frank with you guys, somehow I stumbled upon this video last week and thought it would've been the perfect video to blog last year when there wasn't a damn thing going on. But it seemed a bit weird to blog about a show that went off the air almost 15 years ago. 

However, that was before the content gods dropped the trailer for The Many Saints Of Newark from the clouds today, which was succinctly recapped by our own Sopranos superfan Glenneth B. Alls.


As a simple man with a simple brain, it's pretty rare that I walk away from a trailer not thinking it's going to be an incredible movie. But holy fuck that was awesome. From opening up with James Gandolfini's voice to closing with The Sopranos theme to Michael Gandolfini nailing the looks and mannerisms of his old man. The shrink from The Departed seemed to pull of Liv Soprano's awesome coldness (that character was AWESOME) and I think Tony's continuous forgiveness of Chrissy fucking up as he failed upwards are gonna make a lot more sense after seeing his relationship with Chris' dad.

As is the thing with all things pop culture, it looks like Robbie and I are going to chop it up in the basement since he's the only person from New Jersey to never see The Sopranos.

And we are going to have Glenny Balls on as our content consigliere.

I did a rewatch binge of Sopranos before the 2nd to last as well as last season of Sopranos, but I don't think I've seen a full episode since the finale, so rewatching this with a couple of pals as well as the Stoolies should be a blast.

Now we wait...

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Bonus: Top 5 Favorite Sopranos Death Scenes

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5. Mikey Palmice- I looooooooathed Mikey Palmice from the first time his rat face showed up on my TV. Honestly, a Top 10 hatable face in TV history in my humble opinion. Seeing Christopher get his revenge alongside Paulie made my soul smile.

4. Richie Aprile- I honestly would've been cool with Ralphie, Janice, or both dying. Easily the most unlikable couple of all-time, both together and individually.

3. Big Pussy- Puss was a legitimate rat, but it still hurt a bit to see him go. As an Old, I still remember this being the Oh Shit moment that told people that anybody could get got on The Sopranos, which rocketed it on a whole new level. This death may be higher on some people's lists, but since I got it spoiled for me, it didn't hit the same.

2. Ralphie Cifaretto- He was a hell of an earner (said in Tony Sopranos voice), but goddamn could Joey Pants pull off a hatable fuck outside of killing a pregnant stripper in cold blood and sweet, sweet Pie Oh My in a blazing hot fire. RI no P, Ralphie.

1. Phil Leotardo- The frantic final season was the first time I felt like I was rooting for a sports team during a television drama, which had us all sounding like Agent Harris after Phil Leotardo got to meet his brother again in a jet fuel fire hell.

The feeling I got when hearing that tire pop off Phil's head like a champagne top was oddly orgasmic to the point I wanted to pop a bottle of bubbly myself. 

P.S. Notice the screen going to black at the end of the series finale wasn't included? Does that mean Tony is STILL ALIVE (JK, I don't want to debate that anymore since that is more tired than MJ vs. LeBron). Can't wait for The Saints Of Newark to come out along with all the nostalgic Sopranos content as well as the actors trying to get one last nibble on that HBO teet.

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