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Jalen Hurts Is Simply Way Too Cool To Not Be An Elite Quarterback In The NFL

When you stop to think about it, there are really just 3 types of quarterbacks in the NFL. You have your dorks who know they are dorks, are comfortable with being dorks, and that ends up making them better quarterbacks. Guys like Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers come to mind here. I'd say the Mannings are a little too self-aware to fully be in this category, but they're definitely borderline dork. Then you have your dorks who think they are cool, and just try so damn hard to be someone who they're not. Guys like Derek Carr and Baker Mayfield come to mind here. 

Then you've got your dudes who are just cool as shit. They've got it all. The style, the presence, the talent, the everything. Guys like Deshaun Watson come to mind here. And after that 30-second clip above, it is impossible for anybody to say that Jalen Hurts doesn't fit that bill as well. Just look at this dude go. 


The Oakley Sutro Lites. The Michael Jordan hoop earrings. The G-Baby jersey. 

It's impossible to have that much drip and not have it directly translate into on-field success. His appearance rating is a 99. That's gotta do wonders for your overall rating. ESPECIALLY when the Eagles run out of the tunnel in some kelly green uniforms. 

I know that "look good, feel good, play good" is a tired cliche. But it's a cliche for a reason. That wouldn't be a phrase that has been uttered for generations if it weren't true. So with that being the case, anybody who doesn't believe Jalen Hurts is having a breakout year this season is a certified bozo and should teach a masterclass in buffoonery. Looking at you, Chris Simms.