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Dan Snyder Has Named His Wife Tanya The Co-CEO Of The Washington Football Team




ProFootballTalk - The Washington Football Team announced a change to the top of the corporate masthead on Tuesday and it involves a new title for Tanya Snyder.

Snyder has been named the co-CEO of the team along with her husband Daniel Snyder. Both Snyders are referred to as team owners in the release announcing the change, which the team says is part of its “commitment to being a standard bearer of diversity and inclusion in sports.”

“This team is our family’s legacy,” Tanya Snyder said in a statement. “We are at a pivotal point in the history of this team as we work to become the gold standard of NFL franchises. The co-CEO titles reflect our approach to that effort. It is a natural progression, but it’s important to formally recognize the diversity of opinion and perspective that informs everything we do. In my new role, I’ll be positioned to ensure the core values that are central to our philanthropy permeate the entire organization and bring us closer to realizing our goals.”


For the love of god, why does everything with this team always have to be so difficult? It's always 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. We just cannot get out of our own way. Correction: Dan Snyder doesn't want to get out of his own way. He wants chaos. He wants destruction. He wants his grubby, fat little fingers all over this team wherever he can put them. 

And look, maybe Tanya is mega-qualified fo be the co-CEO of this team. I guess that's possible. But more likely is Snyder knows this sexual assault investigation is nearing an end, and should he have to separate himself from the team, he has his wife all set up to take over his duties. But of course. 

"This team is our family's legacy" being her huge statement made me lol. THIS TEAM? The worst team of the last 20 years is what you want to call your family's legacy??? Unintentionally she nailed it. The Washington Football Team is without a doubt Lil Dan Dan's legacy, which is why everyone in this town hates his guts. 

Obviously this is yet another Dan Snyder move to try to keep control of the team. We just will never be rid of this guy. Sigh.


PS: I hope she thrives in this role. Hopefully she sees how stupid her husband is and she take the reins and runs with it. Unfortunately I do not see this happening, but every so often you read a story about something like that happening. So maybe Tanya will shock us all.