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Massive Beaver: World's Largest Convenience Store Coming To Tennessee

Ego-dinging news for Buc-ee's-bragging Texans everywhere and excellent news for all the Tennesseans about to get addicted to those golden brown, sweet little Buc-ee's nuggets:

Via Fox17 News:

Not everything is bigger in Texas: Tennessee's newest Buc-ee's Family Travel Center is expected to become the world's largest convenience store, surpassing it's location in New Braunfels, TX.

The store is going up n Sevier County and is slated to be a 74,000-square-foot development, according to WBIR.

It's slated for Sevierville’s busy Interstate 40 Exit 407, a "gateway" for millions of visitors headed to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The travel center will be complete with more than 120 fueling positions, EV Charging stations, and a 250-foot long car wash.

Buc-ee's is known for it's clean bathrooms - with the front page of its website reading, "Potty Like a Rockstar."

This 'Buc-ee's Family Travel Center' will be one of many buildings at a 200 acre 'rest stop campus' being developed in Sevier County where they are very much trying to make 'The 407: Gateway to Adventure' happen. Going hiking? Heading to Dollywood? Tickets to Paula Deen's Lumberjack Feud? See you kewl cats at The 407 on the way. 

Though I hail from Wawa territory I must admit I'm a pretty big Buc-ee's fan. First stopped at one on my way to the Texas Renaissance Faire (hands down thee single horniest place I've ever been, which says a lot seeing as I've been to the Sausage Castle's Vet Day Blowjob Party, but that's neither here nor there) and I was blown away - 300 kinds of beef jerky? Solid looking BBQ? Enormous deer feeders for sale back by the coolers? Wha? It was like Bass Pro Shop had a baby with a high end 7Eleven. I could have roamed around in there all day and walked out with 3 bags of junk & I'd only stopped to pee. 

If you've never been I found a TikTok that encompasses the feeling of walking through:

If you're passing through this summer you're out of luck - the world's largest convenience store won't be open until 2023 - so you'll have to find some other place to lose track of your mom while the rest of the family yells at each other in your over-packed minivan. Hang in there.