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You Know The Chicken Wings Are Good When A Guy Refuses To Stop Eating Them As He Is Being Robbed At Gunpoint

Apologies to Lou Williams and the infamous lemon pepper wings of Magic City, but I think we have a new leader in the clubhouse for chicken wings that you absolutely must try. It's one thing to bail on your coworkers and leave a closed off bubble during a pandemic. It's quite another to not give a fuck that there is a man holding a revolver next to your head and demanding you hand over everything in your wallet. If I had a choice between eating wings at a restaurant with a perfect 5 star rating on Yelp with 10,000 reviews or the restaurant where the guy nonchalantly handed over his figurative life with a chance of losing his literal life as he went about eating his wings, I'll choose option B every single time.

Why would you give a fuck about getting murdered in cold blood when you are already in heaven after each delicious bite into fried nirvana? Money comes and goes but you cannot put a price on a truly great wing eating experience. My guy not only kept chowing down but he had perfect form as he savored every single morsel of chicken left on that bone in a wing eating display that could only be matched by our very own Nick Turani.


In fact, that dude was so calm, cool, and collected I think this all may be a guerrilla marketing campaign from FILA, which may be #BACK after both this video hit the internet and Langston Galloway showed up rocking the old Grant Hills in a week's time.

I'm onto you FILA. Don't take this a sign of disrespect however. I had those Grant Hills as a kid and always loved how the F in FILA looked just like the IL turned sideways. All-time great logo.

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